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The Oberoi hotel Dubai

Welcome to the oasis in the Concrete Jungle of Bussines Bay Dubai - gorgeous The Oberoi Hotel. Let me tell you more about mysterious "The Oberoi" and why you didn't hear about it before, yet: it's absolutely unique, modern styled Indian Hotel. You can find personal Yoga classes, Indian SPA, gym, luxury restaurants in the hotel, and

Luxurious Experience in Riga

I've always dreamt of visiting Riga as this city has always seemed to me really enchanting. It is the culture capital of the Baltic with stunning and diverse architecture and a variety of places to go and to see. What is more, in this city I really felt like home as almost everyone there speaks

Dubai: where to eat?

Many weeks ago i had a pleasure to visit Dubai with my bae. Oh, it's such a cool city wich feels like "Tomorrow Land" and... i got a lot of questions about my journey, but(!) the most in need was a FOOD GUIDE. I'm even not surprised. AT ALL!!! I mean, it's a great city with the


official Instagram account UGG Australia Russia - @ugg.russia Лето календарное, вроде, подходит к концу, но само лето об этом не догадывается и в тени +31, а значит, ещё не время прятать любимые босоножки. По дороге на пляж, у северного моря, я вспоминаю все свои любимые образы этого сезона. Однозначно, я бесповоротно срослась с джинсовой курткой


Being extremely busy lately, I’ve almost forgotten to tell you about my trip to Greece. I’ve been to many amazing places: Athens, Patras, Peloponnese, Zakynthos. This experience has become memorable. I basically remember each day of my trip! But the most exciting for me was to visit Peloponnese, it was so amazing that I want to save