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Hey everyone! We are #SuperGirls: we’re all different and so unique, but one thing that unites us - we really love Adidas Originals. We have a common passion for fashion, but at the same time, living in a big city, we always appreciate comfort. That’s why we can’t live without our Adidas #Superstars! Recently we


This is no longer a secret for all of us that project "" loves to follow luxury lifestyle.  Just a few days ago here a new campaign by Klinsky was dropped. I don't want to spoiler anything so just push the "PLAY" button... RUS Это не секрет для вас, что наш проект любит следовать роскошному образу дизни. Только

CLINIQUE special: Рив Гош – #ЛюблюИОбнимаю дарит подарки

Clinique и Рив Гош 13 и 14 февраля проводит эмоциональный флэшмоб и дарят подарки влюблённым! Как принять участие? 13 и 14 февраля 2017 года приходи в 15:00 или 19:00-19:30 со своей второй половинкой или другом в корнер Clinique в магазине Рив Гош и ОБНИМАЙСЯ! Тем кто поделится своими объятьями в своём профиля в Instagram с

Dubai: where to eat?

Many weeks ago i had a pleasure to visit Dubai with my bae. Oh, it's such a cool city wich feels like "Tomorrow Land" and... i got a lot of questions about my journey, but(!) the most in need was a FOOD GUIDE. I'm even not surprised. AT ALL!!! I mean, it's a great city with the


Yes, we are big girls and today we will talk about how to buy luxury products in the right way to save your money for forever (almost). How to invest money to your wardrobe? Now i have some experience to share with you because almost one month i was wondering “how to spend 500 euro


a r o u n d. First of all, I want to draw your attention to the ... Life. Take a look around. Where are you? Who are you with? Who are you? When are you waking up every day that does you see? About whom or of what do you think? My house -


Being extremely busy lately, I’ve almost forgotten to tell you about my trip to Greece. I’ve been to many amazing places: Athens, Patras, Peloponnese, Zakynthos. This experience has become memorable. I basically remember each day of my trip! But the most exciting for me was to visit Peloponnese, it was so amazing that I want to save