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LOVE ART: Mond Kim

I'm pretty sure that you will LOVE Kim and her art. Why? Because this ART is exactly that supposed to be born at right time and the right place. She is a digital artist who combines reality with fashion trends and put a little touch of her own magic world to create an actual ART. Would I name it pop art? Maybe. But it's pretty cool.

You can follow Kim's Instagram page @mondkim and visit her official website


LOVE ART – Polina

I believe in a power of Art. I think that one Art piece can caption the whole century. My pleasure to introduce to you, young Russian talent from Singapore, whos do not afraid to share your inside world and speak out with her Art - Polina Korobova @godsavedthequeen We talked about her life story, audience,…

Guccification? Cruise collection by Gucci

Yesterday's Gucci Resort 2018 show was absolutely amazing! As always I shout "bravo!!!" to Alessandro Michele! Is it Gucci gives to us a new trendy word-to-go "Guccy" and "Guccification?"? In Palazzo Pitti in Florence, one of the most anticipated shows of the year was GUCCI Resort 2018 *cruise collection if you want*. I have long…