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Marie Kitsova

Beret is the new black

Are you lacking some romantic vibes this fall? Here’s the remedy - try BERET TREND! This chicest accessory has already won the hearts (and heads) of all fashionistas and is quickly moving from fashion weeks to everyday life. ...

Luxurious Experience in Riga

I've always dreamt of visiting Riga as this city has always seemed to me really enchanting. It is the culture capital of the Baltic with stunning and diverse architecture and a variety of places to go and to see. What is more, in this city I really felt like home as almost everyone there speaks…


Hey everyone! We are #SuperGirls: we’re all different and so unique, but one thing that unites us - we really love Adidas Originals. We have a common passion for fashion, but at the same time, living in a big city, we always appreciate comfort. That’s why we can’t live without our Adidas #Superstars! Recently we…