If you not into K-POP, I’m pretty sure that you will be after you finish reading this article.

After I reveal the truth on my Instagram account and I shared my playlist of the favorite of K-POP songs, I see you guys enjoy it so much. So here is another list of my favorite K-POP music videos. Yes! These young artists take on another level – from styling to dancing, from camera work to mixing music genre all in 1 video.

I hope you will enjoy this music video and song, because right now it’s no.1 on my list. I always listen to it for my work out or going out #PowerSong.


Number 2 on my list one of the latest music videos of MAMAMOO – “Starry Night”.

Number 3 is queen Sunmi with another #powerSong “Gashina”. The whole “Dancing on my own” by Robin vibe has taken on another level with such shish-bish attitude.


Number 4 I say it’s classic of K-POP groups Blackpink with a catchy dance-pop song which will be stuck in your mind right away.

Number 5 the most famous all over the world BTS in collaboration with Steve Aoki. Not usual for this boy-band music genre, but still will steal your heart with their dance moves over and over again.


Let me know in comments which is your favourite?

written by editor-in-chief, CEO – @lisaveta.me

GIF & video taken via GIPHY.com and YouTube.com