New Year. These words associate with snow, cosiness and presents, of course 🙂

I don’t know about you, but I love to make presents. However, it’s always such a difficult thing to figure out what a person really wants to get. There is a questions: should we make a surprise or is it better to ask what he/she wants?
Unfortunately, I’m not a romantic person, I’m pragmatic, so I ask for specific things. I have a wishlist, in which I gather small and not very presents. Frankly speaking, I recommend you to do the same, it makes everything simpler.
But you are lucky, because I know what a man wants, because I’m a man (obviously).

Attention! These TOP 5 are based on my preferences.
5. Skincare and grooming

I’m keen on this theme, so for me it’s always a good idea! Yas-yas-yas, not only women care about their faces 🙂 Modern men do it too!
By the way, many brands have put on the market beauty-calendars, so you can have fun together with your favorite man or friend.

A 7-day advent calendar of travel-size skincare essentials
Uppercut Deluxe Wash Bag Gift Set

4. Interesting small presents

I’m sure that such gifts can make everyone smile. It can be small leather goods: passport cover or  wallet/cardholder. I have found some suitable options on
Books. It’s what I want, but can’t afford myself for some reasons. Daze someone with the book “SHIT HAPPENS GET OVER IT”! Or maybe you should choose the cup in the form of Hulk’s arm?
Almost forgot about the beautiful tartan scarf. It seems so “new year” and it will warm your love when you are not together!
There are lots of variations you can find on or
Here you can see my favorites:

ASOS Leather Passport Cover In Black With Crocodile Effect
Dr Martens Leather Zip Around Wallet
Shit Happens Get Over It Book
Marvel Avengers Hulk Shaped Mug
River Island Tartan Check Scarf In Red

3. Fragrance

Let’s speak honestly. Fragrances are obsessions: if you get one, then you want more and more! That’s why it can be an excellent present. I can share with you a firsthand experience. I have tried and loved these fragrances the most:

Diptyque Oyédo

Should be mentioned that fragrance is something really personal, so you need to understand, which type of scent a person prefers. I’m into citrus and wood scents, for example.

2. Watches
It’s not a secret that watches are one of the greatest presents for man. Everyone knows, that clothes can be cheap, however, it doesn’t relate to watches and shoes.
Lately, Daniel Wellington has been very popular and the game is worth the candle, because they are either simply perfect or perfectly simple.
Also I can recommend you a cheaper version. A gold vintage Casio will definitely make your crush/friend  much happier!

Casio Gold Plated Digital Watch

1. Sneakers

(secretly, it’s my biggest obsession)
The fashion market has released so many interesting pairs of shoes recently! I’m fond of collecting shoes and I already have some rare findings like EYTYS.
If you can afford it, buy the new Balenciaga’s sneakers. They are must-have now among the fashion killas. By the way, from the 14th of December you will also be able to buy such an amazing collaboration JW Anderson x Converse(~150$).
I always wanted a pair of Prada’s shoes. It can be relevant for different occasions, but life is a one big holiday, I think that we don’t need particular occasions to be on fleek, do we?

JW Anderson x Converse
PRADA leather platform derby shoes

All in all, the best thing you can give your favorite man is definitely love, but you can do more by making a present. Choose what you want and can afford and be sure, your man will be the happiest person ever.

Written by editor-in-chief “ MAN” – @4abik