This year was very successful for Virgil Abloh. He has done many collaborations with companies like Ikea, Nike (Off-Campus and «The Ten»), Colette, Champion and many-many more.
SS18’s collection was dedicated to Princess Diana, because in August it was a 20 year anniversary since her tragic death in a car accident. Princess Diana’s style is still very relevant nowadays. Especially now, when 80-90s are very trendy. She wore oversize University sweatshirts very often, also one of my favourite things must be high white socks paired with simple sneakers. In all these relaxed clothes she still looks very feminine.




It would not be Virgil if he didn’t add a twist even on the classics, here we can see it in a form of ruffles. «Life» and «Time» logos on clutches, cause these two magazines have documented Princess Diana’s every single move that she has done in her life.

The collection was a recreation of her most popular outfits and below you can compare Virgil’s view and her real looks.

Talking about Princess Di first thing that comes to my mind must be her iconic looks with skirt suits.

Can not mention these beautiful one shoulder tule dresses. it’s just amazing. no comments needed.

Also, we can notice a new collaboration between Off-White and Jimmy Choo’s famous pointed-toe heels covered in PVC. Kind of reminds me of Yeezy’s PVC, but with a twist, as always, so Virgil.

And finally fashion queen Naomi Campbell closed the show as a tribute to Princess Diana wearing the white jacket with ruffles and iconic Diana’s white cycle shorts and new Jimmy Choo PVC heels.


written by junior editor  @chanavu

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