When it comes to Christian Dior – my heart is melting. Since I was 13 years old, I fall in love once and forever with Miss Dior! And it’s become my kryptonite. Very simply by one commercial on TV, one and only fragrance I used for 6 years (crazy isn’t it?) -I’m trapped with Dior. I start looking for more information in a library, I start buying any magazine which is mention, Dior… You would say now that I’m really crazy, but I’m just in love.

Maria Grazia Chiuri is not kidding! She is an amazing artist, but she is also the feminist, who asked all of us to remember about all great women artist. Because honestly, I think out there is not enough women artist. I think there is supposed to be MUCH MORE! That’s why I personally support young women artist all around the world and share their stories with you.

About the collection: I love it. I want to wear it. And I need to save money for it.

P.S. One day I will be very rich. And the first bag I will buy – it’s will be a Lady Dior for sure. And yeah, check out cruise SS’18 collection – t’s stunning! I would wear this scarf and hats for life!

written by editor-in-chief, CEO – @lisaveta.me

photos taken from – vogue.com