I always ask myself this really disappointing question: how to be trendy during the fall-winter season. I continue asking, but I have some good news to say.

When you choose between your health and being fashionable, you should understand, that you can save more money for new clothes if you stay in good health 🙂

All kidding aside, let’s get deep into the “cold” trends.

Coats and jackets
Puffer jacket is still a must-have. Don’t forget about vinyl clothes, if you are not ashamed of attracting everyone’s attention!

Super Longline Oversized Puffer Jacket with Hood In Black
Oversized Vinyl Trench Coat in Black
Vinyl Puffer Jacket In Black

Sweatshirts, hoodies and jumpers
Honestly, it’s my biggest disappointment of the season, because it is so hard to meet all my demands in this question. However, I have found some examples to wear now. Oversized. Summer is over, so you can gain weight, hide it under oversized sweatshirts and not be afraid of looking “not in fit”! By the way, there you can experiment with so many different colors.  I want to focus on turtleneck jumpers, they are so cozy, warm and beautiful! So meet my favorite pieces:

Extreme Oversized Hoodie In Black
Oversized Sweatshirt In Pink
Rock Turtle Neck
Trey Turtleneck Jumper

Trousers and jeans
Nothing interesting. Cropped is trendy, by the way. Also you can add some drapery (thanks to Jacquemus’ SS 2018, now it’s legal). For me, bottoms should be more basic, than tops. Oh, almost forgot about the cord! It reminded me of childhood, when I used to hate these cord jeans.
As you may know, check is trendy as never before. These grey checked blazers are already vulgar, because everyone has it. But you can inculcate checked trousers and flannel shirts into the wardrobe.

Checked Suit Trousers
Wide Balloon Trousers In Black

An irreplaceable part of the FW season, to my mind. Why? Scarves, gloves and beanies – that is the answer!
To begin with, you should have in your “arsenal” black and brown scarves without any doubt. Of course, if you are in a good mood, you can try a faux fur collar! Moreover, gloves are also essential. Leather or not – you choose.
Let’s speak about hats. Fisherman beanies are so popular now. Or maybe you will find yourself in the oversized fit?

Blanket Scarf In Tobacco
Woven Blanket Scarf In Black
Faux Fur Collar In Brown
Mini Fisherman Beanie In Black
Fisherman Beanie In White
Leather Driving Gloves In Black

All in all, guys, our destiny is so basic, but we can diversify our wardrobe with different colors and textures. Experiment with color combinations, shapes and you won’t be disappointed and unnoticeable!

Appreciate your attention,