I’m pretty sure that you will LOVE Kim and her art. Why? Because this ART is exactly that supposed to be born at right time and the right place. She is a digital artist who combines reality with fashion trends and put a little touch of her own magic world to create an actual ART. Would I name it pop art? Maybe. But it’s pretty cool.

You can follow Kim’s Instagram page @mondkim and visit her official website

L.:  How old are you and where are you from?

M.: My name is Mond Kim, 25 years old. I’m from South Korea.

L.: What is your Art about? What is the message you bring to the world?

M.: I’m interested in showing my world and fantasy. It is the message itself. If someone feels that my work is close to Surrealism, it might be right. I want to express the universe that doesn’t exist. It’s similar but a different kind of reality, like a parallel world.

L.: What is your biggest inspiration?

M.: Nature and Fashion. They are almost everywhere in my works.

L.: Do you like fashion? Why?

M.: Same reason I like to see nature. Both of them are powerful and unpredictable. Fashion has a huge strength of community about the industry like a hurricane. And sometimes, It’s like the evening sun paints the clouds. Nature and Fashion always exists, but there will always be some variation also. They never get boring. That’s why I like them.

L.: Tell me more about your story? What is going on with your social media?

M.: My social media (Instagram) is an open window. Mostly I stare out the closed windows. And sometimes I open one of them and look out, That’s the post ing on Instagram. It’s small but enough space for something to circulate.

L.: How do you think, who is your main audience?

M.: Dreamer or Realist.

L.: Which countries and cities do you find most inspiring? Which ones do you want to visit?

M.:  From Tokyo to Las Vegas, It was rare to feel inspired by the travel. I think because I didn’t look deep into myself first.

Inspiration is a bottle of paint. If I fill my bottle so full that the paint spilled over, I can color the whole thing own my own.

When Finishing a journey inside, I hope to see a glacial lake and an aurora in Iceland, Canada, Finland, Norway…all or one of them.

L.: And the last one – imagine, you can choose any magical power. Which one would you choose?

M.: Telekinesis.


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written by editor-in-chief, CEO – @lisaveta.me

pictures taken from Kim’s official website – mondopera.com