A revolution.

In such way we can describe this breakthrough in the fashion industry. If you are on a friendly footing with trends, you at least have seen these yellow DHL t-shirts, which were EVERYWHERE.

But can you tell us, why is it so popular? People are tired of the classic fashion, they want something new. The world is filled with trash and underground hangouts, so why we can’t put it into fashion industry? That question asked himself Demna, head designer of Vetements, and killed the game, he is still killing it. Net-a-Porter, Matches, Dover Street Market, Opening Ceremony- SOLD OUT.

I often wonder, is it OK to collaborate so often? Only in SS 2017 we can find out 18 collaborations. Juicy Couture’s signature velour tracksuit, Dr. Martens boots and Levi’s jeans- all these fashion must-haves Vetements has remade.

Here you can see the most famous ones:

Vetements x Reebok
Vetements x Alpha Industries
Vetements x Eastpak
Vetements x Tommy Hilfiger

So, guys, is it popular because of so many collaborations with such popular brands or Vetements is really a fashion breakthrough, only you can decide.

Just vêtements, just “clothes”.

Love u,