Well hello, everybody!

One of my new year’s resolution of 2017 was to stay organized. And recently I found out about #bulletjournal and tbh it was so helpful for me and of course, I want to share it with you!


So firstly, let’s learn what is Bullet Journal?

BuJo is a method of journaling that was created by Ryder Caroll. Through many years of trial and error, he has finally invented the ideal planner system.

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Why is it so ‘perfect’ you may ask.

Your usual to-do list is on a post-it sticker and basically, it’s a list of tasks for today, the diary meant to be a notebook of your thoughts and what you have completed today/yesterday/this week and the planner was invented as a notebook for your future plans. And in bullet journal, you can plan your right now situation but also it has a future log!

It is literally a 3 in 1 (to-do list + diary + planner). So, after this history note, I think we can start 😉 


Step 1. Choose a journal.

The two main things to keep in mind are size and quality. If it’s too big you’ll never take it with you. If it’s too small it will be impractical. Be sure to get something that’s rugged enough to keep up with you.

The most popular one is Leuchtturm 1917 with dotted pages. But I also find a notebook with clean pages very convenient.

I made a list of my favorite notebooks for #BulletJournal from «Respublica» online-store:

1. Leuchtturm 1917 

2. “Bullet Journal”

3. Go Stationery 

4. “Classic Soft” by Moleskine


Step 2. Start to fill your Bullet Journal.

You need to adjust it special for your lifestyle, but here are some ‘rules’

«keys» are recommended for you to write on first pages:

• tasks to do

x completed tasks

< the task has been scheduled

> the task has been “migrated” — AKA you didn’t finish it today/this week/this month, so you moved it to another day/week/month’s list.

Bullet Journal language & explanation:

Index – a table of contents that you update as you go

Daily Log – shit you did and/or need to do today (+ other observations)

Monthly Log – traditional month calendar + shit you need to do that month + shit you forgot to do last month

Rapid Logging – symbols that help you get that shit done

Future Log – year-at-a-glance calendar where you can put events, goals, and long-term shit you need to do

Also, I really recommend you to watch this video:

This is a very basic way of how you can keep your journal, and if you are artsy, then check out other youtube videos or you also can find inspiration on Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram.


Step 3. Some of my hacks.

a. Add a page of your savings&spendings every month. At the beginning, it might be hard to write every day what have you bought, but you will get to this. And it will help you to keep a track of your finances. Especially if you are a student and only have a certain amount of money for a month.

b. Social media page. This page is very helpful for me because I am kinda a «blogger» and to keep a track of my stats is very important. Just choose one day in a month and update it.

c. Goals page. Its always good to have a list of your goals and also it is very satisfying to put a little ✔ next to your dream!

d. Brevity is the soul of wit, so keep it simple. Write your tasks short.


I hope this was helpful for you and you will join the #BulletJournal team.

Enjoy and good luck!

written by Junior Editor   @chanavu