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Hope you enjoyed my last blog post about sneakers for summer! And today I prepared a new post for you on my favorite theme «Korean Fashion»!

For me, Korea has the most fashionable citizens. Yes, you read it right, not French women with their chic, or New Yorkers with their urban style, or even Milan – the main capital of Fashion.

Just take a look at Korean fashionistas, they just made it to the whole new level! For me, it’s so mindblowing how they can combine incongruous… As much as I tried, I probably will never achieve THAT level. Every single outfit from Seoul Fashion Week is incredible, and even street-style photographers dress nicely. And actually to visit that event is already on my Bucket List. Doesn’t matter if I will ‘fit’ or not, but just to feel that atmosphere and be inspired by their unique style and vibe, is going to be an incredible experience for me. Literally, have no words how to describe how much I ADORE their style.

Take a look at the most BOMB.COM outfits from last SFW in my opinion:


Talking about Korean fashion, if you adore Korean streetwear as much as I do, but don live in Korea (just like me), and can’t afford tickets to monthly shopping there (also, just like me).

So because I can call myself as an EXPERT IN ONLINE SHOPPING (click here to read my post about online shopping), I would love to share with my lovely readers my favorite shops with awesome clothes & introduce my favorite Korean designer. (not gonna lie, it was really difficult to choose just a few names from that huge amount of talented fashion shops in Korea)

P.S. *it is pricey. not as cheap as mass-market. but in my opinion, it definitely worth it.*


1. ADER ERROR (click here to shop)

Just 3 simple words that can describe their style

1. Oversize

2. Genderless

3. Simplicity

And also I would say it looks like a mix between the world famous VÊTEMENTS & ACNE STUDIOUS, their aesthetic. But, of course, waaay cheaper!

2. STYLE NANDA (click here to shop)

This is probably the most popular shop in Korea. Style Nanda is more feminine, while in ADER ERROR, boys&girls can shop, in this case, their clothes made only for our beautiful half of the world (aka girls). Also, follow their INSTAGRAM. You can find there not only stylist’s choice of how to wear their clothes, but also style nanda has their own makeup line. And if you will ever be in Korea, don’t forget to visit their Pink Hotel (flagship store) in Harajuku.


3. HYEIN SEO (click here to visit here web)

Last, but not least is Hyein Seo. She is not as popular like Demna Gvasalia (Balenciaga & Vêtements) or Virgil Abloh (Off-White), but I think she deserves a lot more attention (so follow her insta ).

So who is she? Well, let me tell you something about her! Hyein Seo is a korean designer (shock!), she graduated from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Gained a big popularity cause of her latest collection «School Ruined My Life» you definitely saw it on Tumblr or Pinterest, but probably didn’t notice her.

The last collection called «South of the Border» makes me fall in love with her even more. My favorite piece from that collection is this amazing skirt with a choker(???) +bag for your leg. Isn’t it awesome?! And also check out the jacket with army-inspired belt and the same mini-bag. Literally *heart eyes emoji*


If you read the article till the end,

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