About this hotel began to speak back in the last year. And not surprisingly – next to the residence of the president, opened Radisson Blu hotel and a prestigious golf club. We could not miss the opportunity to visit this place!

Unusual design, authentic details in the interior and truly Russian nature views. Here you can find entertainment for the whole family, and for couples. We would like to note that Zavidovo – one of the greenest places in the Moscow region.

At Radisson Zavidovo there are 3 restaurants, 1 grill bar, 1 cafe, 1 bar, spa, swimming pool, and gym. The hotel and its territory are very large. On the territory of the hotel, you can find a night club, a mini golf, a tennis court, a basketball court, a children’s playground, 2 cafes, one of which is a sports club, a beach and a pier for yachts.

You will like the Radisson Zavidovo – do not hesitate! For Russian guests, there is a Russian national cuisine and a samovar with tea in the hotel lobby. Fresh air and peace are guaranteed!

written by editor-in-chief, project founder – @lisaveta.me

photo credit via instagram pages @lisaveta.me & @acid.m