Welcome to the oasis in the Concrete Jungle of Bussines Bay Dubai – gorgeous The Oberoi Hotel. Let me tell you more about mysterious “The Oberoi” and why you didn’t hear about it before, yet: it’s absolutely unique, modern styled Indian Hotel. You can find personal Yoga classes, Indian SPA, gym, luxury restaurants in the hotel, and the chef will come to say “hi” to you – for sure. You may also find a piece of chocolate with your portrait on it – as I did. It was such a nice service. I felt like people really care about me and my personality because they served everything as i love: flowers, magazines, bath, special tea, deserts, sheets, and even towel-animals! Insane? Yeah, but i love it so much.

Also, two the must-see goals in The Oberoi Hotel are 1. Bathroom with the view to Burj Khalifa (please ask a manager if your room will have city-view), 2. Swimming pool with the view of Marina Bay & Burj Khalifa!

And even, if you do not go to stay in The Oberoi Hotel, you still have to visit it! Sor sure you have never seen before that big chandelier in shiny crystals, adorable garden with fountain and I’m almost sure, that you have never tried before authentic national Indian cuisine. Be careful! You might enjoy!

I hope I didn’t miss anything, and you will love your stay in The Oberoi Hotel as much as I did!

I want to thank all team of The Oberoi, Marketing and PR office – you guys are the best.

Lisa XO

written by Editor-in-chief @lisaveta.me

pictures taken from instagram.com/lisaveta.me/