Hey cutie,

to be honest I am not a big fan of shopping in real life in Malls. The main reason is that I am a little bit a sociopath (no shame), also large queues for a fitting room or I just don’t like the selection of clothes that the store offers me. And last, but not least its so weird to meet another girl

Don’t forget, that it’s mass-market, so the chance that I will meet another girl in the exactly same shirt like me is really high, and it’s just the most awkward thing to me!

So because of that, I prefer online shopping. Sitting on my cozy sofa, watching «Friends», drinking green tea and scrolling through the website with a bunch of clothes, isn’t it perfect? If you are still interested, then keep reading 😉


1. My Top-3 list opens well-known ASOS. I am updating the «new in» section literally every day! I really like, that ASOS monitors trends and you can have that trendy clothes while other mass-market shops will have it in HOPEFULLY a month or later.

I also can’t mention the DELIVERY topic. In my opinion, ASOS has the best delivery system. They have so many types of delivery, for example, standard delivery (for UK clothes will arrive next week), next day delivery (free if you spent more than £100), special night delivery etc. If you can’t choose clothes for £100 you always can share your order with your bestie so you two can enjoy fast service 😉

T-Shirt Pants (click to shop)
Shoes “Adidas Originals” Stan Smith White


Skirt Shoes (click to shop)

2. On a second place is my all-time favorite brand «MONKI». I am satisfied with everything in this store. Starting from their style, philosophy and of course prices. By simple I would describe it like «Old Topshop, but with H&M prices». By the way, «MONKI» is a branch store of ‘boss’ of mass markets H&M! And their clothes are available on ASOS too! This brand adheres to Scandinavian style, but at the same time their color palette is unbelievable, they don’t have ‘boring’ clothes, every single thing is either colorful, unusual forms, or really powerful messages.

Trench Coat   Sweater  Jeans  (click to shop)                                                                       Shoes Adidas by Raf Simons «Bunny»


Sweater  Bralette  Necklace  Sandals (click to shop)

3. My list closes another H&M ’s branch store COS. Usually, they made simple, but yet creative design of classic clothes. Compared to ASOS and MONKI their price range is a little bit higher, but it can be explained by their high quality.

Jacket Shirt Trousers (click to shop)                                                                 Bag & Sneakers from GUCCI



Top Trousers (click to shop)

Shoes “Nike” Air Rift


Really hope this post was helpful for you,

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written by Graffiti Girl – @chanavu

collages edited by editor-in-chief – @lisaveta.me