Yesterday’s Gucci Resort 2018 show was absolutely amazing! As always I shout “bravo!!!” to Alessandro Michele!

Is it Gucci gives to us a new trendy word-to-go “Guccy” and “Guccification?”?

In Palazzo Pitti in Florence, one of the most anticipated shows of the year was GUCCI Resort 2018 *cruise collection if you want*. I have long worshiped the work of Alessandro Michele and I can not help but show you these masterpieces *otherwise, I can not name his works*.
The collection combines the Renaissance and hip-hop culture of the 80s.
Excess of rich decor with sports things? Yes, please!
*Separate “brave” for velvet waist bag, though, Prada has long ago released something like this*
GUCCI remain true to themselves: maxi dresses, lots of pearls, t-shirts with the logo of the fashion house and screaming inscriptions, three-piece suits with matchless prints, gold accessories, sandals, and loafers.
Have you already assessed the new Gucci collection?

written by visual influencer @annykraft

collage created by @annykraft

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