Hey everyone! We are #SuperGirls: we’re all different and so unique, but one thing that unites us – we really love Adidas Originals. We have a common passion for fashion, but at the same time, living in a big city, we always appreciate comfort. That’s why we can’t live without our Adidas #Superstars!

Recently we decided to get together and show you how we bring the chic and fancy vibe to our sporty & comfy looks.


If you’re a true fashionista as we are, you already know that sportswear is a new trend this season, that goes straight from the gym to the runway and now wee can see it on the streets. This means that even if you haven’t hit the gym and are not planning to get ready for the beach season, you still need to get some cool sweatpants or joggers and pair them either with a bomber jacket or a baggy sweatshirt.

A pair of white sneakers is an integral part of everyone’s wardrobe, but it-girls usually prefer some original models with interesting details to the ordinary ones.

Our sneakers transform high-fashion inspiration into a Superstar celebration with a version that looks like the iconic toe cap is dipped in metal. They are immediately recognizable. And these shoes are sure to make a statement!

We do love bright colors but when it comes to choosing the outfit, we usually stick to black & white. 3-stripes style is a sport classic.

No matter how fab your outfit is, make sure you’re matchy-matchy with your besties. B&W, 3 stripes on the sides, a big Trefoil logo – it all keeps the look true to the authentic design. Looking super stunning while feeling super comfortable. This is what makes us #SuperSquad!


written by Junior Editor –  @acid.m

#SUPERGIRLS: @chanavu , @lisaveta.me , @acid.m , @annykraft

Photographer – Diana Melkumova