Many weeks ago i had a pleasure to visit Dubai with my bae. Oh, it’s such a cool city wich feels like “Tomorrow Land” and… i got a lot of questions about my journey, but(!) the most in need was a FOOD GUIDE. I’m even not surprised. AT ALL!!! I mean, it’s a great city with the best cars, shopping malls, people and just everything is the best there, so why food should be not?

It is was great, delicious and portions were SO BIG! Just let’s get started:

1. Baron Cafe – if following me on Instagram you already saw this place before and right after you saw it – you get jealous, isn’t it? Baron Cafe located at Business Bay, you might need a car and driver license or just order Uber to get in this cool place. I can proof what it’s WORTH IT – to spend money on a taxi or rent a car. Anyway – if you came to Dubai to discover new places – you NEED A CAR. in Baron’s place you can find traditional Syrian-Arabic food, European food and of course GORGEOUS view just in front of your face. It was so pleasant to visit this place.

2. Wild & the Moon – vegetarian place. TOTALLY. But food is literary ROCK! I love guacamole and herbals tea – and i could`n’t find a better place for it than this one. A huge bucket of tea as a bonus for the low price.

3. Morelli’s Gelato at the Dubai Mall – here we go Insta-lovers, I’m pretty sure that you saw this ice cream 1000 time at least in popular accounts. And i tried it! The most delicious ice cream in last 7 years. I swear! Try caramel flavor with vanilla – it’s dope.

4. Saladicious Grillz at the City Walk – my favorite kind of cafes where breakfast menu served for ALL DAY LONG!!! Order tiny pancakes or oatmeal with berries and enjoy. Of course, they have also a lot of delicious salads, but i fell in love with the breakfast menu.

5. JOE’s at the Beach Dubai JBR – everything is fancy in Dubai, but it is not a subject of the article. i can’t say what JOE’s is exactly supa-dupa fancy i can’t pay bill place – but prices a bit higher than in other places. It’s a good place for a brunch nearby sea with friends and wears fancy sunglasses.

I hope this little food-guide will be helpful for you guys!

written by Lisaveta P.